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Frequently asked questions about epoxy resin, 3d epoxy walls, ceilings, staircases and floors. .

Epoxy resin. All of our 3D floors, walls, ceilings and stairs are covered with epoxy resin. Coatings are self- leveling, seamless, dust free, anti-slip, waterproof, chemical resistant, wearproof, antistatic and antibacterial, easy to clean, repair and replace. Epoxy resin is a certified and established standard for manufacturing floors in the food industry, pharmaceuticals and many others. Epoxy resin has a light smell which disappears within a couple of hours after processing. There is no smell with portable floors or when mounting 3D ceiling, walls and steps. Properly handled quality epoxy resin is absolutely clear (with no yellow hue), smooth and glossy looking. In the process of working epoxy resin is liquid and when settled it still keeps its elasticity. Dropping heavy objects will not cause your 3D epoxy floor to break (which can occur with different types of tiles). When epoxy resin is not properly applied coating becomes uneven with no sheen - 3D effect of epoxy floors depends on the selected image and glossy finish, coating should not be uneven !!! Images are printed with high quality materials and will not change color over the years.

3D epoxy ceilings -they are durable and reliable. It will not sag or split unlike stretched ceilings. Clean with soft cloth and water or window spray cleaner. Due to difficult transportation maximum size of ceiling can be 8 square meters. It can be installed over any smooth surface ceiling. Thickness of 3D epoxy ceiling is 0,5 – 1,2 cm. Warranty period is 10 years.

3D epoxy walls - beautiful and durable. Unlike photo wallpapers or stretch wall systems, 3D epoxy walls will not tear or split. Clean with soft cloth and water or glass cleaner. Can be applied over existing walls (plasterboard, plaster, tiles ) which are relatively straight and smooth. Thickness of 3D epoxy wall is 0.5 to 1.2 cm. Warranty period is 10 years.

3D epoxy floors - 3D epoxy floors can be manufactured in advance and installed later or installed directly where you need it. Portable floors are mainly manufactured for bathrooms and other areas since it takes up to 7 days for the epoxy coating to get settle. 3D epoxy floors are slip resistant and safe in wet areas . Thickness of 3D epoxy floor is 0,5-1,2 cm. They are placed over concrete or other smooth floor surface.3D epoxy floors can installed over existing tiles. Clean with a regular detergent and a floor mop. Use a floor brush when vacuum cleaning. Steam cleaner can be used. Do not use bleach and other strong acids and bases, as this will darken the gloss on your 3D epoxy flooring (the coating itself will not be damaged). If bleach gets on the surface rinse immediately.Walking with shoes over this type of floor is not recommended (because of the abrasive particles). Thickness of 3D epoxy floor is 0,5 - 1,2cm. We offer a 10 year warranty.
3D epoxy stairs - they are unique and extremely durable. They are installed on the floor or over existing tiles or laminate. Oval edge of the step is reinforced with epoxy which prevents it from breaking. Cleaning is the same as with 3D epoxy floors. Walking with shoes over this type of floor is not recommended (because of the abrasive particles). Thickness of 3D epoxy steps is 1,2cm. We offer a 10 year warranty.
Warranty does not cover mechanical or chemical damages that were caused intentionally. The deadline for making 3D epoxy walls, floors and ceilings is two weeks . The deadline for making 3D epoxy steps is three weeks. Prices depend only on the size, not the selected image.



Thickness of 3D epoxy walls, floors and ceilings.


Thickness of 3D epoxy stairs.

3D epoxy flooring and 3D epoxy steps lose their luster over time or produce light scratches. This is normal and can be repaired.

Epoxy coating can be polished as well as natural marble. Scratched 3D epoxy floors or stairs are restored and and polished. Polishing products can be delivered to Bulgaria..

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