3D Epoxy Walls

If you are looking for an unique and impressive home, 3D epoxy walls is your best solution. They will add depth and will take you to a whole new world created by your taste and style. Why not have the unique experience standing in front of a panoramic window overlooking a tropical beach, a breathtaking mountain scenery, a waterfall in the jungle, Dubai marina or even a panoramic aquarium with exotic fish and coral? The choice is unlimited.

The advantage of 3D wall is in the epoxy coating that is lacking in other types of walls stretch, photo wallpapers and decorative panels available on the market. Epoxy coating provides gloss and depth of image by reflecting light and creating the illusion of reality. 3D epoxy walls represent the image of your choice, covered with a transparent epoxy resin mounted on the wall. They are portable, which means they are made at our facilities and after the epoxy has reached its maximum hardness they are delivered to you and are mounted on your wall. Another advantage of 3D epoxy walls is their easy maintenance and cleaning. They are made in any size and shape according to your wishes – it can be a whole wall or panel. It can be bent and cover columns and etc. It can be used as a base for kitchen counter tops or even cover a coffee table - applications are numerous. The image is also selected according to your preferences - could be a waterfall, sea sunset, flowers, forest landscape or even something abstract ...

Browse through our  Catalog   for sample images or visit our  3D Gallery,  where you can find photos and videos of completed projects. In the  Project Gallery  you can find some inspiration from the visuals and designs that we have done for our customers. Our design team is available to work on projects of your choice as well.

The price of a 3D epoxy wall is 250 BGN per sq.m

You can find more information on the 3D epoxy walls available on the page with  frequently asked questions.

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