3D Epoxy Stairs

3Д стъпала

If you own a big house then surely you are faced with restrictions on the floor covering of your staircase. As with the flooring choice came down to a few standard materials. This is no longer the case, thanks to the technology of 3D epoxy floors, your staircase can become something unusual and interesting.
3d staircase steps are murals of your choice covered with an epoxy finish. They have no seams or joints – they are made as a continuous array and are additionally fortified with epoxy which ensures durability. The epoxy finish is glossy, anti-slippery and seamless. They can be of any size and shape.We manufacture the 3d steps of your choice and right after the desired hardness is achieved they are ready to be installed on the staircase.

The base layer of the 3D steps is a high definition image that our eye sees and perceives as a 3D flooring and you pick the design - seabed, waterfall, flowers, marble, even silver brocade … Go through our  Catalog  for more ideas or visit the  3D Gallery,  where you can see images and videos. In the  Project Gallery  you can get inspired by some of our custom made and completed projects.. Since the complex and intricate images need to correspond to the dimensions of the steps and to be seamless , projects are prepared individually by our designers.

The price of the 3D epoxy steps is 200-300 BGN per step, depending on the shape and size and not on the particular image.

You can find more information on the 3D epoxy floors available on the page with  frequently asked questions.

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