3D Epoxy Kitchens

One of the most important rooms in the house is the kitchen. Even the most diligent housewife, however, knows how difficult it is to maintain perfect cleanness in it. For helping with this task, there are special glass panels that cover the area between their kitchen’s counter tops and cabinets. Glass back splashes are a growing trend in modern kitchens. The variety of digital prints on the glass panels or mosaic is endless and gives a lot of opportunity and allows the realization of interesting design solutions. Unfortunately, the glass back splashes have some disadvantages. Typically, the size is limited to 3m in length, and when it comes to delivery and installation - the risk of the glass cracks or breaking is very real. We offer you the technology of 3D Epoxy Walls to make the backs splashes or furniture doors. The advantages of 3D epoxy back splashes are much more than just plinted glass - no size limitation, easy to transport and fit. In case of a strong stroke, a slight dent is created and it does not affect the image. Easy to maintain and clean, anti-bacterial, no joints. Used inks have extremely high durability of color and create bright and saturated colors, a true delight to the eye. It is an absolutely safe technology, proven in recent years.

Browse through our Catalog for sample images or visit our Collection , where  you could find suitable images for 3D epoxy back splashes. On our 3D Gallery  you can find photos and videos of completed projects. In the Project Gallery you can find some inspiration from the visuals and designs that we have done for our customers. Our design team is available to work on projects of your choice as well.

The price of a 3D epoxy back splash is 150 BGN per l.m ( for standard height of 60 cm)

You can find more information on the 3D epoxy walls available on the page with frequently asked questions.

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