3D Epoxy Flooring

Interior design is an expression of your personal style.

Possibilities are endless on furniture, decoration and colors, but unfortunately when it comes to the floor, the choice is limited. This is not the case any more – 3D floors have become more popular the last few years. 3D floor is a mural (image) of your choice covered with a self –leveling epoxy resin. Epoxy resin has been used for decades worldwide for construction of industrial floors. Due to the many advantages it is an established standard in the manufacturing of lab, hospital, school, refinery floors. Epoxy resin is absolutely safe, odorless, easy to clean and maintain, without joints, which over time begin to crumble and harbor dirt. It is not cold as stone or tile to the touch.

Epoxy resin floors are suitable for any area in your home, office or restaurant. They are suitable even for your bathroom - they are slip resistant and safe while you are in the shower. These floors are used in oil refineries where occupational safety is a priority. Spilled oil on this type of floor can be easily cleaned with soap and water. 3D self-leveling floors can be portable (made in advance) or applied directly where you need them. Portable 3D floors are manufactured at our facilities and when the resin is settled it is transferred and applied to your floor. Portable floors are ideal for bathrooms since resin is self-leveling and will remove any existing slopes. Bathroom floor leveling is important for proper water drainage. Another advantage of portable 3D floor is that it is ready for use immediately after application. Unfortunately, portable floors are not suitable for large areas because of their difficult transportation. When the floor is installed directly it can be normally used after 5 days or until the resin reaches its maximum hardness. 3D epoxy floors have glossy finish that reflects light and creates the illusion of depth and reality.

The base coating of a 3D epoxy floor is a high resolution image. With this technology you have the opportunity to express your unique style. For a true realistic look of any size floor you need a high resolution image. There is no limit on the size of the 3D floor. You can choose any image you like - seabed, waterfall, flowers, marble or even space – according to your taste. Browse through our  Catalog  for sample images or visit our  3D Gallery  where you can find photos and videos of completed projects. In the  Project Gallery  you can find some inspiration from the visuals and designs that we have done for our customers. Our design team is available to work on projects of your choice as well.

Price of 3D epoxy flooring is 250 BGN per sq.m. – it can be a complete floor plan or a single detail.

Price of decorative epoxy flooring (pearl, colored or glittering) is 80-150 BGN per sq.m. - it can be a complete floor plan or a single detail.

You can find more information on the 3D epoxy flooring available on the page with  frequently asked questions.

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