3D Epoxy Ceilings

Ceilings provide the best view to the interior and the first thing people usually notice when entering a building. It is an important element of interior design. It makes a significant contribution to atmosphere and well-being. 3D epoxy ceilings represent an image of your choice, covered with transparent epoxy resin, which is attached to the ceiling. 3D ceilings are portable, which means that they are manufactured at our facilities and then transported and installed on the ceiling. Your new and unique 3D epoxy ceilings is ready in just a couple of hours. Great advantages of 3D ceiling are the epoxy coating which gives it an exceptional durability and the realistic effect of the glossy coating . 3D ceiling is very easy to maintain. It will not change color or deteriorate over time. Due to difficult transportation maximum size of ceiling can be 8 square meters. It can be manufactured as a single detail as well. 3D ceiling can be of any shape representing an image of your choice. Browse through our  Catalog  for sample images or visit our  3D Gallery,  where you can find photos and videos of completed projects. In the  Project Gallery  you can find some inspiration from the visuals and designs that we have done for our customers. Our design team is available to work on projects of your choice as well.

The price of a 3D epoxy ceiling is 250 BGN per sq.m.

You can find more information on the 3D epoxy ceiling available on the page with  frequently asked questions .

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